iPhone App

The TransferBigFiles mobile app is the easiest way to send full-size, full-resolution, uncompressed photos and videos from your iPhone.

You can use your cellular or WiFi connection. There’s no syncing, no plugging in, no converting...and no waiting! Shoot in now -- send it now!

What features does the iPhone app have?

20 GB uploads.

With 20 GB uploads you can have the freedom to transfer all the files you need to, and not have the hassle of compressing or consolidating beforehand.

Fault tolerant uploads.

Fault tolerant uploads are smart enough to recover from network or power outages so your Transfer can pick up right where it left off when things come back online.

Resumable uploads.

You can pause and resume your uploads whenever you need to fit with your schedule. In fact, any disruption to your upload can be re-initiated without losing files that have already been added to your download page.

Send full-size, full-resolution, uncompressed photos and videos.

You can send anything you want from your iPhone without having to wait for compression time or resizing of your photos or video.